Employee Sales Promotions

Employee Sales Promotions (34 People)

  • Welcome employees to the AIR FORCE CENTER with the smell of fresh coffee and fresh croissants in the Restaurant Holding.
  • Enjoy a beautiful alpine flight with two Ju-52s with destination St. Moritz.
    Transfer to Pontresina.
  • Take a romantic sleigh ride (in summer, a carriage ride) to Rosegtal.
  • Enjoy a relaxing Happy Hour and fine lunch in a restaurant in Rosegtal.
  • Return by sleigh and bus to the hotel.
  • Do what you like in the evening which is left free for individual activities.
  • The next morning begins with breakfast, followed by the fitting of ski equipment. Then enjoy some skiing followed by a pleasant lunch, together with famous people or ski racing stars.
  • Helicopter ride for VIPs.
  • A pleasant dinner together.
  • Return flight with the Ju-52 on the following morning.