Welcome at ANSI EVENTS

Customer and public events

Each year numerous public and customer events take place in a more intimate atmosphere in the AIR FORCE CENTER in Dübendorf.


The spectrum of possibilities is huge. You have the benefit of the fact that JU-AIR with its oldtimer planes and the hangar, the AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM with lecture hall, the Event Room, galleries, special exhibit levels, the restaurant as well as the souvenir shop are all found in the same complex.

In order for you to optimally use these possibilities, ANSI EVENTS (based in the offices of the AIR FORCE CENTER) has specialized in affairs tailored to the individual budget, while taking into account all available resources.

If you want your seminar, event, birthday or anniversary to leave a memorable impression on your guests and participants, then why not take advantage of our services.


We are extremely creative, have lively ideas and guarantee that no one will be bored on "your" day!